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Sikh History in Nepal

Sikhanpura Village of Nepal



After Nem Muni Udasi, Mahant of Nanak Muth told that from Kathmandu Nepal, Guru Nanak Dev Ji went in that particular direction some Sikhs  went after in the same direction looking for more puratan historical places related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. After about 450 Kms it was found that there was still a village of Sikhs called Shikkanpura or Shikkanpurva in Nepal. When  the villagers were asked how long they have been living here. Then the eldest person in the village told their story which blew the prober's away. This is the missing link that no one has ever found or discovered.

According to Niranjan Singh Sodhi the village elder their Ancestors were in the Khalsa Fauj of Sher-e Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji. He is the fourth generation of Karan Singh Sodhi who originally came here with Maharani Jind Kaur Ji.

When Maharani Jind Kaur Ji left her palace under the disguise of her servant (Goli), she was joined by all her loyal Khalsa soldiers hiding in the jungles. Then, they all entered Nepal via Rupaidiha Border in Uttar Pradesh, India.


They took shelter in the jungle near Nepal Gunj and Maharani Jind Kaur Ji send two of her loyal soldiers to Kathmandu Nepal to inform Raja Jung Bahadur Rana about her arrival and needing shelter. Raja Jung Bahadur Rana came to Nepalgunj with his small army and requested Maharani Jind Kaur Ji along with her one soldier and goli to come to Kathmandu, Nepal.

The place where Maharani Jind Kaur Ji stayed in Kathmandu, Nepal is already under the care of Guru Nanak Dev society and is currently being renovated. But all the rest of Khalsa soldiers that came with Maharani were requested to hunt in the jungle and clear the forest by cutting trees and make their houses there. Raja Jung Bahadur Rana told all Sikh soldiers that whatever land they can clear and develop for their residence will be given to them and wrote his will on a Tamrapatra (Copper Stone) and named this village as Sikhanpura. Then as time passed these soldiers settled here and got married to local Nepalese women and with time their present generation lost touch with their Maa Boli (Punjabi) but they all remain Sikhs in their appearance and cultural heritage. Presently there are more than 250 sikh families living in Sikhanpura that are direct descendants of the soldiers of Khalsa army that came here with Maharani Jind Kaur.


Even today from a child to an elderly person they all keep long hair and beards. If anyone cuts their hair it's considered a punishable crime. The person who cuts his hair or beard is punished with providing Langar for the entire village. Due to their poor economic conditions no one is able to afford that. The other condition is they will have to spend the night alone in the forest far from their home and take risk of being eaten alive by wild animals. Thus scared of the punishment no one cuts their hair or beard. These villagers of Sikhanpura don't speak Punjabi instead they speak Nepali and are not well educated due to lack of resources and funds. They are living in mud and brick homes and in a very poor condition. They do farming and labor jobs as the lands are not very large so they are falling behind in economic status. They showed us puratan (old) utensils, Baja (Harmonium), Chimta, pictures and other stuff belonging to their Ancestors who came here in 1849 with Maharani Jind Kaur Ji. You can tell from their living conditions that they barely get 2 meals a day. Inspite of being financially so poor they are rich in retaining their culture and heritage 


They had a Gurudwara Sahib building in Sikhanpura which was incomplete and falling down due to lack of funds and proper care. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society (SGNDSSI) hired an architect and did a full survey to access if that building can be renovated. According to the Architect it's not safe to renovate it due to week foundation of the building. At this suggestions the society asked permission from entire population of Sikhanpura in writing that they will demolish this 30-40 years old Gurudwara sahib building and build a new Gurudwara Sahib in the village. SGNDSSI has also started setting up a Dispensary in Sikhanpura to start providing first aid. 

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