Two quakes, on April 25 and May 12, killed 8,844 people, injured more than 22,000 and destroyed 500,000 homes forcing tens of thousands into temporary shelters and in need of food and medical care.
The U.N.’s World Food Programme has distributed more than 6,500 tonnes rice, high energy biscuits, pulses and oil to more than two million people in areas hit by the disaster.
But Nepal’s Food Technology and Quality Control Department said laboratory tests of some rice and pulse samples showed they were “unfit for human consumption”.
That included more than 500 tonnes of split peas stored in Nepalgunj in the southwest of the country, and 6 tonnes of rice in Laprak, a village in the badly-hit central Gorkha district.
WFP said none of the problem food was distributed and the stocks would be returned to suppliers once the government cleared necessary papers because they had failed to meet the quality specifications.
Despite all these efforts by International NGO’s not much help has reached the actual earthquake victims. Immediate needs for survivors include Food, Water, Medical aid, Clothes and Shelter.

With immediate effect Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International have started 24 hrs Langar sewa (Free Food & water) and working on providing first aid. Our staff members are reaching out to the people who can’t come to our Relif Camps. We are taking food, water and first aid to hospitals, people living in Tents in different parts of Kathmandu and other remote areas where no one else have reached so far. We need your support so we can continue to provide food and water to as many as we can. Our Staff started building Pre assembled Tin houses for the affected people. Recently our organization helped Rasuwa Distric Education Board with supporting conduction of Board examination of over 700 students. Our organization provided Langar sewa along with blankets and all stationary needs of all students from 2nd June, 2015 to 27th June, 2015.
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Because the need is so great we are calling on all our friends to help us help those who are suffering. All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts in Nepal.

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Nepal Earthquake Relief Aid

Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

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