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nanak_muthHari Daas was a very Sidh Yogi and has achieved some Riddhis and Siddhis from Hindu Gods Bhagwan Vishnu Ji and Hanuman Ji. Hari Daas use to do Hatth Yog to obtain special powers from Hindu Gods at his Dera at Kupondol near the bank of Bishnumati River in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sidh Hari Daas was in a deep meditative state when Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked Bhai Mardana Ji to start playing his Rabaab and started singing Keertan of Ellahi Bani. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji was singing the Keertan, the music waves started to create a very auspicious and melodious environment which caused Hari Daas to come out of his deep Meditative state. Hari Daas heard the sound of Keertan and came out of his Dera to see who is singing such melodious bani. Hari Daas tried to ask Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was he and what is he singing. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was singing Keertan with love and devotion to Akal Purakh in a meditative state and could not hear Hari Daas. Hari Daas asked again and again getting little annoyed and frustrated. Finally Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened his eyes and had a ghoshtti (a verbal exchange of ideas) with Hari Daas. Mahant Hari Daas had an ego problem due to being the most powerful Sidh Yogi of Nepal. He tried to show off his Siddhis by replicating his physical appearance 7 times at the same time. Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked him politely not to use his powers in this manner but Hari Daas didn’t listen. Then he asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji to show his powers by doing some miracle. Guru Nanak Dev Ji politely refused saying he has no powers and only Waheguru can show miracles by pointing his index finger upwards into the sky. At this Mahant Hari Daas was astonished to see flowers being showered on Guru Nanak Dev Ji. When Hari Daas looked up in the sky he saw all Devis and Devtas showering flowers on Guru Nanak Dev Ji with respect. Mahant Hari Daas felt ashamed and fell at Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s feet asking for his forgiveness. Mahant Hari Daas became Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Sikh with all of his deciples. The news of Mahant Hari Daas accepting Guru Nanak Dev Ji as his spiritual Guru spread like wild fire in Nepal.

Raja Jai Jagat Mall heard the news as well and came running to the dera of Hari Daas with his family, thinking about the Pir that made Hari Daas his disciple. In his heart he was hoping him to be Guru Nanak Dev Ji and was very happy and relieved to see it was indeed Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Raja fell at Guru Ji’s feet and thanked Guru Nanak Dev Ji for coming to his country upon his request. Raja Jai Jagat Mall requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji to come stay at his Palace but Guru Ji politely refused and decided to stay at the Dera of Hari Daas. Guru Ji stayed 1year and 14 days at this place which today is known by the name of Nanak Muth.

Nanak Math Vaisakhi 25-4-16

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