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GyaneshworThere the king requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji that he went to visit him in India to get his blessing for his entire country. He pleaded to Guru Ji to shower his blessings like this water fountain in entire Nepal.

 After leaving GyanDhara with his blessings in a form of water fountain Guru Nanak Dev Ji walked few steps and sat under the tree in a deep meditative state for 6 days continuously. Guru Ji never moved, never opened his eyes, nor said anything or spoke with anyone for those 6 days and 6 nights. Instead Guru Ji sat all that time in “Ek Aasan”. On seventh day all of a sudden sky was covered with dark clouds and it started to rain. At this point Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened his eyes and thanked Akaal Purakh for his mercy on the people of Nepal. It was raining all over Nepal and everyone was happy and delighted. Raja Jai Jagat Mall came to see Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the fourth time at this place and fell at Guru Ji’s feet thanking him endlessly. Raja requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji to stay in his kingdom in his Palace until the entire nation is back to normal. Guru Nanak Dev Ji accepted King’s request and instead of staying at king’s Palace upon his request instead decided to continue staying at Dera of Mahant Hari Daas. This place next to GyanDhara where Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat under a tree for 6 days and 6 nights is known as Gyaneshwor.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji told King to open the gates of his food Granaries for general public until there are more crops being raised. King at once obeyed Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s order and started Langar under Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s guidance. Guru Nanak Dev himself ordered to make big earthern pots for making Langar for the poor and needy people of Nepal. Guru Nanak Dev Ji came back to Nanak Muth along with Bhai Balaji and Bhai Mardana where they started Langar every day. Thousands of needy people would come to eat here. Soon it became a legendry saying among people that if anyone is hungry then he must go to Balaji’s place where they can get plenty of food to fulfill their hunger. This is how the name of this place came to be known today as Balaju Nanak Muth. The king would come here every day to listen to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan and updesh.

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji Found out that Raja Jai Jagat Mall registered all the property at all these 4 places under his name he called for the king and requested him to take it back. King was very humble and requested again very politely saying that Guru Ji, all this is yours, but out of goodwill of my heart I really want to present this land to you as a gift. I am very thankful to you for your grace and mercy on me and people of Nepal. Please accept my gift. After listening to King’s request Guru Ji said in that case I won’t stay here any longer and decided to leave Nepal.

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji decided to leave Mahant Hari Daas and all other people who use to listen to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan everyday got very sad. They asked Guru Ji for his grace on them and give them something so they can continue to hear Guru Ji’s Keertan even after he leaves. At this request Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood on a flat piece of rock (Patthar Di Shilla) on which he sat and did Keertan every day, then came down. After he got down from that rock his feet were engraved on that rock. All generations of Mahant Hari Daas in the past and the present generation (Mahant Nem Muni Udaasi) claims that they hear Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan on every Pooranmashi.

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