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gyanOnly about a mile from Kaal Mochan Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to another place where people were suffering badly due to no drinking water. People gathered around Guru Nanak Dev Ji and women put their little children at Guru Ji’s feet. Asking for his mercy everyone fell at Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s feet and started requesting to help them and have mercy on them. Guru Nanak Dev Ji felt sorry for the suffering people and took a step back to put his thumb on a small hill behind him. When Guru Ji moved his thumb a water fountain sprung out from there. Everyone just ran to the water fountain and started drinking water and washing their faces and body. Everyone was soon revived and refreshed then thanked Guru Nanak Dev Ji again. The news of water fountain created by Guru Nanak Dev Ji also spread like wildfire in Nepal. When King heard this news he came to Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the third time. This place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji sprouted the water fountain from the hill is known as Gyan Dhara. King built a little fancy stone base out of stone carving at the mouth of the fountain. For the past 498 years that water is still flowing even today as a blessing of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. People line up in front of that water fountain even today to fill their water pitchers for daily use. Lot of people take showers and washes their clothes near the water fountain for an easy source of continuously free flowing water.

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