How I found these places and history of Each Mutth in Kathmandu, Nepal In Nov 1984 during the holocaust, Sikhs living outside Punjab not only lost their honor but also their homes. Bearing full assault of well-planned attack of the Indian Govt Officials on themselves, where most Sikhs not only lost their social and financial status but also their mental equilibrium. Just the thought of what happened to our Sikh families at that time my heart sinks down even today. Before the Holocaust started, S Manjit Singh Saini was engaged to his present wife and was about to start his journey of a married life. Both families were in a very festive mood and lots of preparations for the big day were being planned and done. All planning were deserted and dreams were shattered just overnight. No support of any kind was left as all friends and family members were in the same state of despair.

In these circumstances either a person loses his mental balance and loses touch with reality or becomes an ascetic. When the fires settled in the city people started to look for their loved ones. Sikhs came out of the terror shock and started to think rationally but at that time they got nothing besides crying for their loss. In this state of despair and disbelief of what happened and why it happened, Manjit Singh Saini went in his Guru’s presence looking for answers.

Original Look of guru Nanak Dev Ji

It was 7 years later in Gurudwara SisGanj Sahib, New Delhi when Manjit Singh Saini started reading about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Udaasi’s. While reading about Guru Ji’s third Udaasi he paused and started thinking when he read Guru Ji went to Kathmandu, Nepal. He was wondering how come he never heard about it or read about it anywhere else. Then while sitting in the that library he made a promise to himself that he will find Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s place in Kathmandu, Nepal. When he got back home, he started asking his family and friends about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s trip to Nepal but could not find any further information. A year went by like this as he got busy with his work and then one day he realized that he made a promise in his heart to find places related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Kathmandu, Nepal. Then he decided to go to Nepal to find any signs of Guru Ji’s presence there. He found out how to go to Kathmandu Nepal and left in search of signs of Guru Ji’s presence in Kathmandu Nepal. After reaching Kathmandu in May of 1992 he went to Rosy Hotel and booked a room. Next day he did an Ardaas and started his search by visiting several religious places and temples asking people about Guru Nanak Dev Ji. After searching for 4-5 days he could not find any signs of presence there. Then he prayed to Guru Nanak Dev Ji again asking for his guidance to help him find any signs of his presence there.

Manjit Singh Saini asked every person he can, if they have any answers to his questions. After roaming around for few days, he came across a garland weaver sitting in front of Pashupatinath temple who told him about a grocery shop. The garland weaver told him that a bearded, long-haired man visits his shop regularly that does not smoke or chew tobacco. You might be able to get some information from that Grocery shop. Then Manjit Singh Saini went to that grocery shop and spoke with the shopkeeper and told him that he is a Sikh from Indian who came here to search for a place here where Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited in 1515 AD. The shopkeeper told him that yes a person called Nem Muni comes here from time to time to buy groceries from his shop and some Pir from Indian visited his house. The shopkeeper does not know where Nem Muni lives but he can definitely give Manjit Singh a call when Nem Muni arrives next time to buy groceries. Then Manjit Singh Saini came back to his hotel and stayed there reading Gurbani all day and doing Ardaas asking for a miracle.

On third day the shopkeeper called Manjit Singh Saini at his hotel and also sent his servant to ask Manjit Singh Saini to come quickly. Manjit Singh Saini wasted no time in reaching his shop and the shopkeeper pointed his finger towards Nem Muni who was loading his groceries to on his bicycle. pic3Manjit Singh Saini greeted that Sikh gentleman who introduced himself as Nem Muni. Manjit Singh Saini asked him whether he worships Vishnu Ji or Shiv Ji since they both had long hair too. Nem Muni looked at him from head to toe and said you are a Sikh and came from India, to which Manjit Singh Saini said yes. Then Nem Muni said that Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited his house a long time ago and then started to get on his bicycle to leave. Manjit Singh Saini was very happy to hear that got so excited that he asked Nem Muni Ji if he can go with him to see his house where Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited. Nem Muni was little reluctant to take a stranger to his house but when the Shopkeeper confirmed that Manjit Singh Saini came here only looking for a Guru Nanak Ji’s place and has no business here in Nepal then Nem Muni agreed to take Manjit Singh Saini with him. But Nem Muni said how we are supposed to go as my house with all these groceries on this bicycle as his house is 10 miles away. Manjit Singh Saini was a strong handsome young man back then and said I can drive while you sit back on the rear carrier of his bicycle. At this Nem Muni said, I am a Nepali who live in mountains and we don’t get tired easily. He asked Manjit Singh Saini to sit behind on his bicycle and then both of them started riding to Nem Muni’s house.

While Nem Muni started riding his bicycle with Manjit Singh Saini sitting behind, Manjit Singh Saini started asking him questions how and why Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited Nepal. Then Nem Muni started narrating a story that he heard from his father and said this story is being passed on from his generation after generation since the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s visit. At that time a severe drought in Nepal caused famine leaving the King of Nepal, Raja Jai Jagat Mall, very sad and worried for the people of Nepal. Raja Jai Jagat Mall was a very religious minded humble and peace loving King who cares for his people. The king was very upset over seeing his people suffer from thirst, hunger and diseases. The King himself suffered severe mental depression from the situation as there were no rains in the country for the last 4-5 years. The king has several astrologers and advisors in his court and after failing in all attempts to find a solution to his situation he asked for their help. The King’s Astrologers advised him that God himself is on Earth in India as an Avatar of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Only he can help us out from this Famine and drought. We should humbly request him to visit our Country and cure the people of Nepal from Famine and Drought. King at once sent a team of his investigators in all directions to find Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. After few months of searching one of the Investigators at once sent an urgent message to the king of Nepal informing him that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is in Varanasi.

Raja Jai Jagat Mall at once came to Varanasi in India with his family and a group of his advisors. The kings paid respect to Guru Ji and fell at his feet asking his blessings on the people of his country explaining the whole story of Famine and misery of his people in Nepal. Raja Jai Jagat Mall’s family also paid respect to Guru Nanak Dev Ji by offering several costly presents and asking for wellbeing of the king himself as Raja Jai Jagat Mall was suffering from severe depression due to unbearable hardships of his people. By listening to King’s family’s request Guru Nanak Dev Ji at once said that the King will rule for a long time in the future. By hearing Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s words Raja Jai Jagat Mall started feeling better already and over a time he was fully recovered. Mallah Raja humbly requested Guru Ji to come visit Nepal. Guru Ji accepted his request and told Raja Jai Jagat Mall that he will surely come to visit Nepal when the time comes. The King’s advisors informed King that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has accepted his request and will surely come to visit Nepal and now we should go back to Nepal. After some time Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with Bhai Bala Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji came to Nepal and sat along the banks of Bishnumati river at the Dera of Royal Yogi, Sidh Hari Daas.

Nanak Muth


Hari Daas was a very Sidh Yogi and has achieved some Riddhis and Siddhis from Hindu Gods Bhagwan Vishnu Ji and Hanuman Ji. Hari Daas use to do Hatth Yog to obtain special powers from Hindu Gods at his Dera at Kupondol near the bank of Bishnumati River in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sidh Hari Daas was in a deep meditative state when Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked Bhai Mardana Ji to start playing his Rabaab and started singing Keertan of Ellahi Bani. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji was singing the Keertan, the music waves started to create a very auspicious and melodious environment which caused Hari Daas to come out of his deep Meditative state. Hari Daas heard the sound of Keertan and came out of his Dera to see who is singing such melodious bani. Hari Daas tried to ask Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was he and what is he singing. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was singing Keertan with love and devotion to Akal Purakh in a meditative state and could not hear Hari Daas. Hari Daas asked again and again getting little annoyed and frustrated. Finally Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened his eyes and had a ghoshtti (a verbal exchange of ideas) with Hari Daas. Mahant Hari Daas had an ego problem due to being the most powerful Sidh Yogi of Nepal. He tried to show off his Siddhis by replicating his physical appearance 7 times at the same time. Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked him politely not to use his powers in this manner but Hari Daas didn’t listen. Then he asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji to show his powers by doing some miracle. Guru Nanak Dev Ji politely refused saying he has no powers and only Waheguru can show miracles by pointing his index finger upwards into the sky. At this Mahant Hari Daas was astonished to see flowers being showered on Guru Nanak Dev Ji. When Hari Daas looked up in the sky he saw all Devis and Devtas showering flowers on Guru Nanak Dev Ji with respect. Mahant Hari Daas felt ashamed and fell at Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s feet asking for his forgiveness. Mahant Hari Daas became Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Sikh with all of his deciples. The news of Mahant Hari Daas accepting Guru Nanak Dev Ji as his spiritual Guru spread like wild fire in Nepal.

Raja Jai Jagat Mall heard the news as well and came running to the dera of Hari Daas with his family, thinking about the Pir that made Hari Daas his disciple. In his heart he was hoping him to be Guru Nanak Dev Ji and was very happy and relieved to see it was indeed Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Raja fell at Guru Ji’s feet and thanked Guru Nanak Dev Ji for coming to his country upon his request. Raja Jai Jagat Mall requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji to come stay at his Palace but Guru Ji politely refused and decided to stay at the Dera of Hari Daas. Guru Ji stayed 1year and 14 days at this place which today is known by the name of Nanak Muth.

Kaalmochan or Mukti Ka DwaarKaalmochan

After staying there for a few days Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to a cave located about 2 miles away from the Dera of Hari Daas. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood at the front of the cave entrance all people surrounded him and asking him for his mercy upon them. Guru Ji never spoke to anyone instead walked inside the cave. People didn’t move and kept standing there, hearing voices coming from inside the cave “Guru Nanak Dev Ji has come, please give us Liberation”. There were two sadhus sitting inside that cave in Samadhi from Satyug. These two Sadhus’ were cursed and told that only Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Kalyug can give you Mukti. They were sitting in Samadhi waiting for Guru Nanak Dev Ji to come and free them from their curse. So when Guru Nanak Dev Ji went inside that cave they came out of their Samadhi and started talking to each other with joy that Guru Nanak Dev Ji has come. Both Sadhus started pleading to Guru Nanak Dev Ji to free them from their curse and give them Mukti. It was said that when Guru Nanak Dev Ji came out of the cave alone and both Sadhus were liberated from their curse. This place is known by the name of Mukti Ka Dwaar or Kaal Mochan. People pray and meditate at this place with the belief that Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave Mukti to those two Sadhus and Guru Nanak Dev Ji will also give Mukti to whoever meditates at this place with clear conscious and full faith in Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Gyan Dhara

Gyan Dhara

Only about a mile from Kaal Mochan Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to another place where people were suffering badly due to no drinking water. People gathered around Guru Nanak Dev Ji and women put their little children at Guru Ji’s feet. Asking for his mercy everyone fell at Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s feet and started requesting to help them and have mercy on them. Guru Nanak Dev Ji felt sorry for the suffering people and took a step back to put his thumb on a small hill behind him. When Guru Ji moved his thumb a water fountain sprung out from there. Everyone just ran to the water fountain and started drinking water and washing their faces and body. Everyone was soon revived and refreshed then thanked Guru Nanak Dev Ji again. The news of water fountain created by Guru Nanak Dev Ji also spread like wildfire in Nepal. When King heard this news he came to Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the third time. This place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji sprouted the water fountain from the hill is known as Gyan Dhara. King built a little fancy stone base out of stone carving at the mouth of the fountain. For the past 498 years that water is still flowing even today as a blessing of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. People line up in front of that water fountain even today to fill their water pitchers for daily use. Lot of people take showers and washes their clothes near the water fountain for an easy source of continuously free flowing water.


There the king requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji that he went to visit him in India to get his blessing for his entire country. He pleaded to Guru Ji to shower his blessings like this water fountain in entire Nepal.

Gyaneshwor After leaving GyanDhara with his blessings in a form of water fountain Guru Nanak Dev Ji walked few steps and sat under the tree in a deep meditative state for 6 days continuously. Guru Ji never moved, never opened his eyes, nor said anything or spoke with anyone for those 6 days and 6 nights. Instead Guru Ji sat all that time in “Ek Aasan”. On seventh day all of a sudden sky was covered with dark clouds and it started to rain. At this point Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened his eyes and thanked Akaal Purakh for his mercy on the people of Nepal. It was raining all over Nepal and everyone was happy and delighted. Raja Jai Jagat Mall came to see Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the fourth time at this place and fell at Guru Ji’s feet thanking him endlessly. Raja requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji to stay in his kingdom in his Palace until the entire nation is back to normal. Guru Nanak Dev Ji accepted King’s request and instead of staying at king’s Palace upon his request instead decided to continue staying at Dera of Mahant Hari Daas. This place next to GyanDhara where Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat under a tree for 6 days and 6 nights is known as Gyaneshwor.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji told King to open the gates of his food Granaries for general public until there are more crops being raised. King at once obeyed Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s order and started Langar under Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s guidance. Guru Nanak Dev himself ordered to make big earthern pots for making Langar for the poor and needy people of Nepal. Guru Nanak Dev Ji came back to Nanak Muth along with Bhai Balaji and Bhai Mardana where they started Langar every day. Thousands of needy people would come to eat here. Soon it became a legendry saying among people that if anyone is hungry then he must go to Balaji’s place where they can get plenty of food to fulfill their hunger. This is how the name of this place came to be known today as Balaju Nanak Muth. The king would come here every day to listen to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan and updesh.

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji Found out that Raja Jai Jagat Mall registered all the property at all these 4 places under his name he called for the king and requested him to take it back. King was very humble and requested again very politely saying that Guru Ji, all this is yours, but out of goodwill of my heart I really want to present this land to you as a gift. I am very thankful to you for your grace and mercy on me and people of Nepal. Please accept my gift. After listening to King’s request Guru Ji said in that case I won’t stay here any longer and decided to leave Nepal.

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji decided to leave Mahant Hari Daas and all other people who use to listen to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan everyday got very sad. They asked Guru Ji for his grace on them and give them something so they can continue to hear Guru Ji’s Keertan even after he leaves. At this request Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood on a flat piece of rock (Patthar Di Shilla) on which he sat and did Keertan every day, then came down. After he got down from that rock his feet were engraved on that rock. All generations of Mahant Hari Daas in the past and the present generation (Mahant Nem Muni Udaasi) claims that they hear Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan on every Pooranmashi.

Baba Sri Chand Ji da Dera at Thapathalli

Gyan Dhara

Nem Muni Ji also mentioned that after Guru Nanak Dev Ji left from Nepal his son Baba Sri Chand Ji also came in Kathmandu, Nepal and founded his Dera at Thapathalli. Following his father’s order Baba Sri Chand Ji continue to feed the poor and needy people of Nepal with Guru Ka Langar that Guru Nanak Dev Ji started before leaving Nepal. By the time story finished Nem Muni stopped the bicycle at his house and said this is where Guru Nanak Dev Ji first came in 1515 AD and he is the 13th generation of Sidh Hari Daas. So this was the Dera of Sidh Hari Das where Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited and lived for 1year and 14days. Nem Muni Ji took Manjit Singh Saini inside his house and showed him around. There is a Pipal tree in the backyard and he pointed out a stone slab under that tree on which two feet were carved in. He said, “they are Guru Nanak’s feet, but they are also Vishnu’s. “They are both the same.” It is this place where Guru Nanak sat while he was meditating. Manjit Singh Saini paid his respect at the stone carved feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and thanked Waheguru in his heart for helping him find this place. Then Nem Muni’s family prepared tea for them. Nem Muni also showed him the room where Guru Nanak Dev Ji lived for a year with Bhai Bala Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji. Nem Muni also told him that he also have three swaroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Manjit Singh Saini could not believe him as he thought to himself that how can it be possible as there was no Guru Granth Sahib Ji at the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Then Nem Muni told him that it was during 1709 – 1710 during the Ghallughara of Sikhs with Mughals, Banda send all these swaroops with several other smaller Granth’s and Pothi’s in a horse chariot with 5 Singhs. (By saying Banda Nem Muni Ji meant Banda Singh Bahadur).

It was already getting dark and Nem Muni’s family prepared dinner for Manjit Singh Saini and asked him to stay the night there. Manjit Singh Saini gladly accepted to spend the night but said he would like to spend the night outside in the backyard under the Peepal tree next to the stone slab on which there are carved feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Nem Muni insisted Manjit Singh Saini to sleep inside as it’s dangerous outside due to wildlife roaming around at night. But Manjit Singh Saini insisted and decided to sleep outside next to feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Before going to sleep that night, Manjit Singh Saini Ji prayed and asked Waheguru to show him some of his magical powers. As the night grows deeper and darker the sounds of wolves howling started to scare Manjit Singh. But he started jaap of gurmanter “Waheguru” and fell asleep. Around midnight, he was woken up by the sound of some ‘Ruhani Keertan’, the sound was bit blurred but continued uninterrupted until four in the morning. That was one unique experience he had, which he still remembers very clearly even today. Around 6:00am in the morning Nem Muni came with tea and asked how he felt. Manjit Singh Saini felt very relaxed and calm after that ruhani experience at night. He prayed in the morning and decided to make this place known to everyone in the world.

Manjit Singh Saini stayed in Kathmandu Nepal for 2 more weeks after meeting Nem Muni Udaasi and then returned back to his home in India. After coming back he was so eager to tell everyone about his discovery. He went to several Gurudwara’s including Delhi Gurudwara Committee and Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar Sahib but no one would believe him. But he continues to tell anyone he meets about his discovery. Some people would think he is doing this to collect money and some don’t believe anything he said, but Manjit Singh Saini continues to spread the word without getting discouraged. All the money he would collect, he would send it to Nem Muni in Kathmandu, Nepal and all Mahant’s at 5 Nanak Muth’s there would divide the money evenly among themselves. Then in 2005 Manjit Singh Saini met with Darshan Singh Ji and told him his story. Darshan Singh told Jatthedar Joginder Singh Vedanti Ji and then after listening to Manjit Singh’s Story Vedanti Ji issued an authority letter in Oct, 2006 to continue doing sewa. Vedanti Ji asked Manjit Singh Saini to come back to him once he have something in writing from the Mahant’s about the sewa he is doing.

Manjit Singh Saini came to USA in 2008 and met with American Sikh, Simran Singh Khalsa. Simran Singh had a Khalsa construction company in New Mexico and was a very experienced General Contractor. When Manjit Singh Saini told him his story about finding Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic and religious places in Kathmandu, Nepal, Simran Singh was surprised and got very excited about visiting these places. In 2010 Simran Singh decided to go to Kathmandu, Nepal. After doing Ardaas at El Sobrante Sikh Center Gurudwara Sahib, Simran Singh left for doing sewa at these holy places in Kathmandu, Nepal. Simran Singh met with Nem Muni and did darshan of all religious and historic places. After seeing the delicate situation of these places Simran Singh discussed with Manjit Singh Saini on how to proceed. Then Manjit Singh Saini asked his elder brother Ranvir Singh Ji in India to go help Simran Singh Khalsa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Together Ranvir Singh and Simran Singh hired an architect and did a full survey of all these old buildings and come up with a plan on how to renovate them without losing their integrity and originality. In September/October of 2012, Nem Muni and all other Mahants from five Muth’s got together and handed Manjit Singh Saini written, signed legalized custody of all Nanak Muth’s as a new care taker. In Nov, 2012 Manjit Singh Saini founded the non-profit organization called Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International, registered in California, USA after 20 years of untiring efforts and dedication.

After forming this non-profit organization Manjit Singh Saini went on a mission in several Gurudwara Sahib’s in Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and New Mexico to inform Sangat about these religious and historic places in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International (SGNDSSI) got busier with renovation work in Kathmandu, Nepal with some donations from Sangat at each Gurudwara sahib he visited.

Ranvir Singh came back with his younger brother Rajinder Singh and his nephew Jaswinder Singh from India to assist Simran Singh with renovation work. They all hired some local labor and under Simran Singh’s guidance they started doing the repair work. They replaced the leaking roofs, rotten windows, doors and cracked walls but still keeping the integrity and genuineness of these places. They rebuilt the stairs of Nanak Muth, Balaju 16, and renovated dirt walkway from the stairs to the entrance with beautiful multi-color concrete bricks. SGNDSSI constructed 4 new bathrooms, installed water tanks for storage of water, taps at the entrance of Nanak Muth, Balaju 16 and outside the kitchen. All this work is just the tip of an iceberg as the majority of work is still pending. As more detailed planning is under its way, SGNDSSI need more physical bodies and funds to continue rest of the renovation work.

This year on Baisakhi 2014, Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji, Jatthedar Shri Akal Takhat Sahib Amritsar Sahib also visited Nanak Muth, Kathmandu, Nepal. He gave award of honour to S Manjit Singh Khalsa for caring and maintenance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s graced places in Kathmandu, Nepal. He also announced that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International has been doing sewa in the past, present and will continue to do sewa in the future as well. On the eve of Baisakhi celebrations these places have been opened for general public to visit and pay their respect and get blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

As the information about these places is reaching out to the world, Sikh Sangat has already started visiting these Muth’s on their own in small numbers. Sikh Sangat from India experienced Ruhani Keertan at Nanak Muth in Kathmandu, Nepal during Baisakhi and Gurpurab which verified the presence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Nanak Muth even today. All these Places in Kathmandu, Nepal are within a 5 mile radius and are going to be a new Nankana Sahib for all Sangat of the world. Anyone can visit there without any restrictions and experience the presence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and take his blessings to make their life sweet, successful and complete.

There are about 117 big earthern utensils made under Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s supervision when Langar was started for the first time. There are also big wooden spatulas, Copper and bronze utensils from Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji’s time, Chaur Sahib made with golden handle with date inscribed on it. Baba Sri Chand Ji’s first Chimta is also found from the store where so much other valuable treasure is present in the forms of small Granths , Pothis, utensils, and several smaller nick-nacks that needs to be preserved.

There is also a well from times of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which has boundary made of small rocks with Mool Mantra inscribed on it. According to Mahant of that place it was in scripted under Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s instructions. this DSCF0639 For the last 499 years these sacred places of our Guru Ji were hidden from the world. Today It’s my humble request in front of every Gursikh to come forward and join SGNDSSI, watch out for Sikh rights, do selfless kar sewa of these sacred places to bring them on the world Map and take Guru Ji’s blessings.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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