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Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International is a non-profit organization registered in El Sobrante, California, USA. Our prime mission is to raise Sikh Religion awareness, aim for world peace, help the needy, and save the environment.
We currently have a large project underway to restore several historic places in Kathmandu, Nepal related to the founder of Sikh religion, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. During our renovation projects in Kathmandu, Nepal we noticed several orphan children and missionaries (Sadhus) who didn’t have a place to live or mean to support them. Hence, our Society offered to fully support any orphan children between 2 to 16 year olds. We also started free kitchen “Guru Ka Langar” for the poor and needy people there.
After asking around we find out that there is a small organization that is running an orphanage and these kids live in that orphanage. We contact Manoj who is incharge of that Orphanage. Manoj told us all the hardships he is facing in running that orphanage. He himself was an orphan and grew up with this strong will to help make a difference in lives of other orphan children.
As a non-profit organization following the guidelines of our Guru Sahib we decided to take action and provide our full support to Manoj and all the orphan children he is taking care of.
SGNDSSI staff started with providing with:

• A full medical checkup of all children
• Enrolled them in a Govt. School
• Got all of them school supplies, school uniforms and Regular clothes
• Built a temporary new residence with 6 air coolers and bunk beds.
• Provide them with ration for preparing/cooking their meals
• Purchased sewing machine to one of the care takers
• Provide financial assistance from time to time for staff and children.
• Teach Gurmukhi and shabad keertan to these children.

Last year in 2013 when we announced in entire Kathmandu that anyone who is taking care of an orphan kid or children they can bring them to Nanak Mutth and we will take full responsibility for them . We started off with 42 children last year and today we are supporting about 70children and the number is growing.
We are requesting everyone to help make a change and make dreams come true for these little angels. Please support SGNDSSI in making a difference in the lives of these innocent children of Nepal so one day when they grow up they have a chance to survive on their own. We need to provide a good foundation for them which can only be possible if all of us stand together to support them financially and emotionally. We need your help to achieve this goal. Donate generously and get blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to carry on his mission of helping the poor and needy.

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