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Baba Sri Chand Ji da Dera at Thapathalli

Thapa-ThalliNem Muni Ji also mentioned that after Guru Nanak Dev Ji left from Nepal his son Baba Sri Chand Ji also came in Kathmandu, Nepal and founded his Dera at Thapathalli. Following his father’s order Baba Sri Chand Ji continue to feed the poor and needy people of Nepal with Guru Ka Langar that Guru Nanak Dev Ji started before leaving Nepal. By the time story finished Nem Muni stopped the bicycle at his house and said this is where Guru Nanak Dev Ji first came in 1515 AD and he is the 13th generation of Sidh Hari Daas. So this was the Dera of Sidh Hari Das where Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited and lived for 1year and 14days. Nem Muni Ji took Manjit Singh Saini inside his house and showed him around. There is a Pipal tree in the backyard and he pointed out a stone slab under that tree on which two feet were carved in. He said, “they are Guru Nanak’s feet, but they are also Vishnu’s. “They are both the same.” It is this place where Guru Nanak sat while he was meditating. Manjit Singh Saini paid his respect at the stone carved feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and thanked Waheguru in his heart for helping him find this place. Then Nem Muni’s family prepared tea for them. Nem Muni also showed him the room where Guru Nanak Dev Ji lived for a year with Bhai Bala Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji. Nem Muni also told him that he also have three swaroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Manjit Singh Saini could not believe him as he thought to himself that how can it be possible as there was no Guru Granth Sahib Ji at the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Then Nem Muni told him that it was during 1709 – 1710 during the Ghallughara of Sikhs with Mughals, Banda send all these swaroops with several other smaller Granth’s and Pothi’s in a horse chariot with 5 Singhs. (By saying Banda Nem Muni Ji meant Banda Singh Bahadur).

It was already getting dark and Nem Muni’s family prepared dinner for Manjit Singh Saini and asked him to stay the night there. Manjit Singh Saini gladly accepted to spend the night but said he would like to spend the night outside in the backyard under the Peepal tree next to the stone slab on which there are carved feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Nem Muni insisted Manjit Singh Saini to sleep inside as it’s dangerous outside due to wildlife roaming around at night. But Manjit Singh Saini insisted and decided to sleep outside next to feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Before going to sleep that night, Manjit Singh Saini Ji prayed and asked Waheguru to show him some of his magical powers. As the night grows deeper and darker the sounds of wolves howling started to scare Manjit Singh. But he started jaap of gurmanter “Waheguru” and fell asleep. Around midnight, he was woken up by the sound of some ‘Ruhani Keertan’, the sound was bit blurred but continued uninterrupted until four in the morning. That was one unique experience he had, which he still remembers very clearly even today. Around 6:00am in the morning Nem Muni came with tea and asked how he felt. Manjit Singh Saini felt very relaxed and calm after that ruhani experience at night. He prayed in the morning and decided to make this place known to everyone in the world.

Manjit Singh Saini stayed in Kathmandu Nepal for 2 more weeks after meeting Nem Muni Udaasi and then returned back to his home in India. After coming back he was so eager to tell everyone about his discovery. He went to several Gurudwara’s including Delhi Gurudwara Committee and Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar Sahib but no one would believe him. But he continues to tell anyone he meets about his discovery. Some people would think he is doing this to collect money and some don’t believe anything he said, but Manjit Singh Saini continues to spread the word without getting discouraged. All the money he would collect, he would send it to Nem Muni in Kathmandu, Nepal and all Mahant’s at 5 Nanak Muth’s there would divide the money evenly among themselves. Then in 2005 Manjit Singh Saini met with Darshan Singh Ji and told him his story. Darshan Singh told Jatthedar Joginder Singh Vedanti Ji and then after listening to Manjit Singh’s Story Vedanti Ji issued an authority letter in Oct, 2006 to continue doing sewa. Vedanti Ji asked Manjit Singh Saini to come back to him once he have something in writing from the Mahant’s about the sewa he is doing.

Manjit Singh Saini came to USA in 2008 and met with American Sikh, Simran Singh Khalsa. Simran Singh had a Khalsa construction company in New Mexico and was a very experienced General Contractor. When Manjit Singh Saini told him his story about finding Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic and religious places in Kathmandu, Nepal, Simran Singh was surprised and got very excited about visiting these places. In 2010 Simran Singh decided to go to Kathmandu, Nepal. After doing Ardaas at El Sobrante Sikh Center Gurudwara Sahib, Simran Singh left for doing sewa at these holy places in Kathmandu, Nepal. Simran Singh met with Nem Muni and did darshan of all religious and historic places. After seeing the delicate situation of these places Simran Singh discussed with Manjit Singh Saini on how to proceed. Then Manjit Singh Saini asked his elder brother Ranvir Singh Ji in India to go help Simran Singh Khalsa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Together Ranvir Singh and Simran Singh hired an architect and did a full survey of all these old buildings and come up with a plan on how to renovate them without losing their integrity and originality. In September/October of 2012, Nem Muni and all other Mahants from five Muth’s got together and handed Manjit Singh Saini written, signed legalized custody of all Nanak Muth’s as a new care taker. In Nov, 2012 Manjit Singh Saini founded the non-profit organization called Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International, registered in California, USA after 20 years of untiring efforts and dedication.

After forming this non-profit organization Manjit Singh Saini went on a mission in several Gurudwara Sahib’s in Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and New Mexico to inform Sangat about these religious and historic places in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International (SGNDSSI) got busier with renovation work in Kathmandu, Nepal with some donations from Sangat at each Gurudwara sahib he visited.

Ranvir Singh came back with his younger brother Rajinder Singh and his nephew Jaswinder Singh from India to assist Simran Singh with renovation work. They all hired some local labor and under Simran Singh’s guidance they started doing the repair work. They replaced the leaking roofs, rotten windows, doors and cracked walls but still keeping the integrity and genuineness of these places. They rebuilt the stairs of Nanak Muth, Balaju 16, and renovated dirt walkway from the stairs to the entrance with beautiful multi-color concrete bricks. SGNDSSI constructed 4 new bathrooms, installed water tanks for storage of water, taps at the entrance of Nanak Muth, Balaju 16 and outside the kitchen. All this work is just the tip of an iceberg as the majority of work is still pending. As more detailed planning is under its way, SGNDSSI need more physical bodies and funds to continue rest of the renovation work.

This year on Baisakhi 2014, Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji, Jatthedar Shri Akal Takhat Sahib Amritsar Sahib also visited Nanak Muth, Kathmandu, Nepal. He gave award of honour to S Manjit Singh Khalsa for caring and maintenance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s graced places in Kathmandu, Nepal. He also announced that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International has been doing sewa in the past, present and will continue to do sewa in the future as well. On the eve of Baisakhi celebrations these places have been opened for general public to visit and pay their respect and get blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

As the information about these places is reaching out to the world, Sikh Sangat has already started visiting these Muth’s on their own in small numbers. Sikh Sangat from India experienced Ruhani Keertan at Nanak Muth in Kathmandu, Nepal during Baisakhi and Gurpurab which verified the presence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Nanak Muth even today. All these Places in Kathmandu, Nepal are within a 5 mile radius and are going to be a new Nankana Sahib for all Sangat of the world. Anyone can visit there without any restrictions and experience the presence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and take his blessings to make their life sweet, successful and complete.

There are about 117 big earthern utensils made under Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s supervision when Langar was started for the first time. There are also big wooden spatulas, Copper and bronze utensils from Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji’s time, Chaur Sahib made with golden handle with date inscribed on it. Baba Sri Chand Ji’s first Chimta is also found from the store where so much other valuable treasure is present in the forms of small Granths , Pothis, utensils, and several smaller nick-nacks that needs to be preserved.

There is also a well from times of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which has boundary made of small rocks with Mool Mantra inscribed on it. According to Mahant of that place it was in scripted under Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s instructions. this  For the last 499 years these sacred places of our Guru Ji were hidden from the world. Today It’s my humble request in front of every Gursikh to come forward and join SGNDSSI, watch out for Sikh rights, do selfless kar sewa of these sacred places to bring them on the world Map and take Guru Ji’s blessings.

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